How to stay healthy in the workplace

September 30, 2021

Are you sitting comfortably?

Here at Lyreco, we’re strong believers that a key to staying healthy and motivated at work is movement.

With the 2021 workforce working harder and longer than ever, and new hybrid work models disrupting our lives: it has become tougher than ever to concentrate on our wellbeing. The boundaries of our social, work and sleep routines are becoming increasingly hazier proving that happiness and health at work is more fundamental than ever. A fit, healthy and happy team is a company’s most valuable asset.

Physical wellbeing is one key driver in creating an effective workforce. With studies showing that people who exercise 3-5 times week have an increased productivity level of around 70 percent. Moreover, fostering positive physical wellbeing communities in the workplace will improve employee mental health, providing clarity to handle stress and battle fatigue effectively.

We understand that there can be many challenges in getting moving at a busy workplace, in roles that are sedentary by nature including confidence, amenities, time constraints and company culture: but one place we can all start is at our desks. With an average of 9.5 hours per day spent being sedentary and the health implications that this inactivity could bring it is a no brainer to get moving at the place we spend the most time.

So, let’s start simple. Stretching.

Stretching can increase your range of motion, decrease muscle stiffness, reduce risk of injury and relieve aches and pains. It can also improve your posture, help you manage stress, and can promote circulation. Below are some of our favourite stretching exercises.

Neck & Back Man holding neck and back in pain
  • Drop your head slowly to each side, moving ear to shoulder until the full motion of the stretch is felt
  • Roll your shoulders slowly up and back in circular motions
  • Interlace your fingers and lift your arms above your head, keeping your elbows straight and stretching one side until a stretch is felt
  • Interlace your fingers and lift your arms above your head, then slowly lean backwards until a stretch is felt
  • Raise your shoulders towards your ear until a stretch is felt.

Woman stretching holding elbow above head

  • Cross your arm over your chest and hook your other arm under it, pull until a stretch is felt
  • With your hands facing down move your wrist from side to side until a stretch is felt
  • Holding the upper part of your hand with the other hand, bend your wrist down and then up until a stretch is felt
  • With your elbows out and palms together, slowly rotate your palms down until stretch is felt
  • As shown in the photo, reach your arm down your back and push
    with the other hand and stretch.
Business man stretching at desk reaching for footLegs and Feet 
  • Lift each of your legs with a straight knee until a stretch is felt
  • Stand a hold your ankle behind you. Push your hips forward until a stretch is felt in the quads
  • Stand up and point one foot up to the ceiling, bending the other leg and leaning forward
  • Standing up, adapt a wide stance and lean from side to side feeling a stretch on the inside of your leg
  • Sitting down, raise your knees and slowly rotate your ankles first clockwise, then anticlockwise.


As well as regularly moving, it’s important to ensure you and your team have the right equipment to reduce health complications and sick days.

At Lyreco, we have a range of DSE assessments to suit your working environments: from face-to-face assessments, to telephone consultations and online tools for self-assessments. We’ll not only help you with your DSE assessments, but we’ll also provide product recommendations to support you further once the assessment is complete.

But remember it’s not all just carrots and crunches!

It is key to have a 360-degree approach to creating a positive and healthier workforce. Understanding that alone physical wellbeing is only one component and self-care has a very personal approach, with no one-sized fits all checklists.

To ensure both you and your colleagues are comfortable in the workplace be sure to communicate regularly, and take the appropriate precautions such as DSE assessments and well-being catch ups.

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