Introducing your new employee wellness hub

Introducing your new employee wellness hub – Because happier teams work better.

Employee wellbeing has always been important, but as we all make our way through what has indeed been a challenging year, we and our teams may be feeling the strain more than ever before. Changes in...
Go Awards Excellence

Lyreco UK recognised at UK National Go Awards Online 2020

The 17th of July saw the UK National GO Excellence in Public Procurement Awards 2020 take place, following the postponement of the event in April due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The GO Awards focus on...
Fans in the workplace


Improving general ventilation, preferably through fresh air or mechanical systems can help reduce the risk of spreading many viruses, infections and germs including COVID-19. Providing an adequate...
Face masks header image

Preventing the spread of germs through effective and safe disposal of PPE & Face coverings

Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, essential PPE such as masks, gloves and aprons have been fundamental in protecting you and your team’s health and safety. To continue to protect those around you,...
Future of workspaces blog post

The Future of Workplaces is here, and now!

While none of us knows what the future holds, we do know that when it comes to the world of work, things are changing, and fast. Over the past four months, the workplaces in which we find ourselves...
A guide to creating safe deliveries

A guide to creating safe deliveries

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, delivery drivers have been instrumental in keeping Britain going; from delivering essential supplies to the NHS, to dropping off your food shopping, they have...

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How to adapt individual workspaces

How to adapt individual workspaces

As the lockdown is slowly lifted in the UK, businesses are looking to welcome back their employees to the workplace and in offices. However, wherever you work, there simply isn't going to be that...

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