Bounceback from COVID-19 with our free business planning kit

Are you starting to think about your back to work plans post COVID-19?

In what has been one of the most challenging and unprecedented starts to the year we are now seeing the back to work phase increasing in pace. We have been inundated with requests to share our knowledge of ‘everything workplace’ with our customers, partners and friends.

And we’re happy to help….

With thought-provoking questions on employee planning, hygiene practices and social distancing; our tool kit will help you leave no stone unturned. We can help you have meaningful business conversations and take the pressure out of the planning process.  

This toolkit can also help to support your planning to bring the many people still working from home back together as well. 


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Once you’ve received your toolkit:

Setting up your planning session

If you are holding your meeting in person, remember to use the hints on social distancing to maintain a safe working environment

Arrange a time for your session. You’ll probably need at least 60-90 minutes.

Make sure that you include the right people, key decision makers and those that are responsible for the key activities.

Hit the ground running…Familiarise yourself with the information in your Bounceback Toolkit and share the material, the format and the objectives with attendees before the meeting so your team can come prepared with ideas.

BounceBack card pack

We are all in this together, one task at a time

Did you bounceback? 

After your session share your feedback, comments and pictures with us. 

Use the hashtag #LyrecoBounceback

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